Football Training Camps In Antalya

Football camps in Turkey Antalyatraining camps in Turkey Antalya, friendly matches in Turkey Antalya, football camps, accommodation hotel, FIFA standards fields Antalya the pearl of the Mediterranean where there are the 3 seasons Summer – 1 season Spring and 300 sunny days is the Perfect choice for football camps. Our Company Sunlight Tour offers early season and mid-season football camps in Turkey-Antalya with high quality will remove your stress and will help you to focus on your success. You will be prepared by training morning and evening in the FIFA Standards field 5-7 minutes away from your accommodation hotel with the difference in service of our Company Sunlight TourAntalya. Our company Sunlight TourAntalya offers you a high-quality service to prepare to keep your condition and fitness on top and also to help prepare in the best way by organizing friendly matches in Turkey. You will have an excellent training camp in Turkey Antalya by playing the friendly matches in the Professional FIFA Standards fields against professional football teams in Turkey Antalya. Also, you will forget your fatigue by using the facilities at your accommodation hotel such as the Turkish bathsauna and fitness etc. Our Company Sunlight TourAntalya will help you with great pleasure to see the beauty of Antalya by organizing a sightseeing program.

Youth Football Camp in Antalya Turkey

Antalya Turkey offers great opportunities such as beautiful nature, climate, green fields and hotels with excellent comfort for young football players who are future football stars. Antalya Turkey’s most important sports facilities, Gloria Sports Arena and Mardan Sports Complex offer international experiences for youth football players such as U18U17U16. Youth football camps provide atmosphere, where young football players as future stars can learn a lot about their team’s basic values, respect for others, tolerance, modesty, enthusiasm, effort, leadership, self-control, friendship, solidarity and teamwork. Being in a family atmosphere during camp, will affect individual development and improve emotional ties between team members. During the U18 football camp in Antalya Turkey, young sportsmen will train twice a day. Therefore we provide the possibility for physical and moral recreation with cinemas, swimming pools; bowling, table tennis, billiards, basketball, tennis games and city and shopping tours under control of team officials. We also provide healthy meal facilities for young players. In the world-famous capital of tourism in Antalya city, most of the hotels have excellent sports facilities and their beaches have a Blue flag. Our company also provides services for families, who wish to be during summer camps with their children. Sunlight Tour professional team provides services for international U18 football groups and football teams in summer camps. With our young and dynamic team, we provide expected maintenance by taking special care of all team members and football players. Our partner hotel’s specialized staff also serves team officials and youth football stars with the same approach. We and our partner hotels do our best to make young stars, team staff and families of young players feel like at home in a foreign country and foreign place. Serving your team in Antalya which the world’s best tourism city, will make us happy.

Training camp for people with disabilities in Antalya

Athletes with disabilities participate in the Paralympic Games and must also conduct training camps. Paralympic sports require technical equipment and natural landscape; Therefore, the Paralympic teams of different countries hold training camps in Antalya for their athletes through the Sunlight Tour company. Our company organizes sports camps for the people with special needs in Antalya. Training camps in Antalya for athletes with disabilities are held in all sports. Our company provides training camps for Paralympic athletes in athletics, swimming, volleyball, basketball, taekwondo, judo, bullseye shooting, Archery and other sports. Sports grounds and the necessary equipment for the training camp of Paralympic athletes are also provided by our company. Our partner hotels in Antalya are also professional in handling of camps for athletes with disabilities. Established partnerships with 5-star All Inclusive hotels allow athletes to feel comfortable during training camps in Antalya. The availability of special rooms and services for Paralympians sets them profitable from other hotels.Entrust the organization and conduct of training camps in Antalya for athletes with disabilities to the professional organizer Sunlight Tour.